Scholium is an emotional intelligence bureau tasked with gathering, processing, and analyzing information in order to impact individual and social interaction in, often highly charged professional environments.

Accomplished decision-makers utilize Scholium for strategy, process analysis, and reimagining leadership. We work with aspiring executives needing strategic insight, effective collaboration, psyche, and vital communication capabilities. We brain-storm with political consultants, diplomats, and international business influencers worldwide to advance their personal executive agilities.

Frank van der Stok van Altenae, Ed.M.

Scholium was established in 2005 by former emotional intelligence analyst Frank v. d. Stok. His experiences range from innovative start-ups to C-suite executives in the Fortune 500 corporations. These confidential conferences are tailor-fit to your personality and the particularities you face. As director of Scholium am directly involved in all one-on-one sessions, detailing every nuance, shift, and irritation that stands in the way of effective leadership. We stay close to the initial professional objectives that demand change, can-do perspectives, and psychological insight. In addition, we work through issues of personal ethics, executive stamina, and legacy projections, as well as those pertaining to power and control.
Expect thorough and stimulating challenges.

Scholium has expertise in helping clients frame their decisions, project positive reputations, and problem–solve tomorrows complex issues.

The essence of our sessions is tangible. Their results are immediate.

To redefine your trajectory and discuss options available to you please contact [email protected] or check LinkedIn.