Making the difference:
delivering initiative and making it stick.

Executives, entrepreneurs, diplomats and political operatives as clients, gives “…me the insight to (inter-)personal dynamics which is necessary when leading others.” Such is particularly the case when the pressure is on… we (you) need to know that it is perfectly manageable.

Irrespective if we lead a nation’s political path or a start-up, the dynamics you bring to the table matters most.


Scholium re-imagines leadership with you. Working one-on-one, on a case-by-case-specific subject ~ we turn experience towards that larger picture, your primal objective.

Expert, Straightforward, Creative

A “… refreshingly deep and unique perspective to executive consulting. Using a novel, imagination-rich approach … (it) becomes the structure from within which critical business, career and interpersonal issues are effectively approached. A truly “out of the box” experience with tangible, meaningful results!”
Chris Charyk
Partner TheBodaGroup, Boston.

Expert, Consistent, Creative

“When working with Frank there’s never a dull moment. His capability to change your perspective on issues is very refreshing and at the same time challenging. Thanks to his analytic skills, professional and internal conflicts are easy to address. But it is the combination of his insight, experience and knowledge that makes him really stand out: his ability to link philosophy to psychology and history to our present social environment and his deep understanding of our motivations brings every session to a higher level. That is why working with Frank is more than an uplifting event.”

Siebe Schootstra
Chief editor at EnergieMedia and communication strategist, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.


Frank v. d. Stok v. Altenæ, (’52) principal at the Scholium Bureau, grew up in ‘t Gooi, the Netherlands, and lived for more than 30 years in the States; employed first in the investment industry (i.a. Lehman Brothers, Kuhn & Loeb in their ‘better’ days) and later taking degrees in History (Vassar) and Counseling and Consulting Psychology (Harvard).


Since being well versed in history and consulting, in the early 90’s he worked on an effective method of epistemic analysis. In his off-time enjoys working on many forms of applied architecture. From the sidelines follows his two children, who are fascinated by their careers, with great delight. He is an international member of the APA. (American Psychological Association).

A niche

The Scholium bureau fills a niche in the consulting world through focus on leadership, its effect on organizational culture, public perception and the bottom-line.

Our work pertains to high-end personal counsel, conflict resolution and/or sparring advice – producing astute individually tuned solutions for committed projects.


Our work deepens objectives, restructures commitment and professional mandates are revisited. After personal evaluation, the consequence of this track is immediate and unambiguous.


Per topic or project

According to your expectations, we work either per topic or on a particular project via sessions at your office of choice or ours either Amsterdam or Boston.

Depth & confidentiality

We work strictly one-on-one, so the exclusive character of our conferences and their confidentiality are assured.


Leadership as coach

It is about coaching ideas, people, and companies. It is less about ownership or control but anticipation and surprise. Pulling, pushing, ‘expecting’ or extracting are jaded; trust and rock-solid-conviction are the motivators. When trust is sown, we reap benefits beyond measureWe are animated to think big and dream better.

Casting dynamics

The Scholium bureau is not theoretical – we bring our combined experiences to bear on the subjects that demand your attention. We are successful with you, as our sessions are run the way you want to run your projects or assignments. The question is not ‘how we are to be better leaders’, but how do we animate and inspire ideas, people and the company we serve.

Real solutions, no-time-to-lose

We focus on the dynamics at present engaged. We take on your topic, break-down its history and focus on where you want to go. We examine it, test it, squeeze it and play devils advocate. We give real-life suggestions and insights that instantly benefits you. While we’re at it, we take you to the next phase of mental operation which, in real-time, is the ultimate objective of all challenges.

Depth perspectives & results

My 25+ years experience and expertise are non-stop at your service. These exclusive and confidential sessions bring you closer to yourself, your associates and the tasks set before you.