Leadership as Coach

It is less about ownership or control but anticipation and surprise. Pulling, pushing, ‘expecting’ or extracting are jaded.

It is about coaching ideas, people, and companies.

Trust and rock-solid conviction are the motivators. When trust is sown, we reap benefits beyond measureWe are inspired to think big and dream better.


Scholium is not theoretical – together we bring our combined experiences to bear on the subjects that demand your attention.

The question is not ‘how we are to be better leaders’, but how do we animate and inspire ideas, people, and the company we serve.

Real Solutions in Real-Time

We focus on the dynamics of your position as it is now. We take your topic, break down its history, and focus on where you want to go.

We examine it, test it, squeeze it, and play devil’s advocate. We generate real-life suggestions and insights that instantly benefit you.

We take you to the next level of mental functioning in real-time, which is the ultimate objective of all challenges.

Depth Perspectives & Results

My 25+ years of experience and expertise are at your service. These exclusive and confidential sessions bring you closer to yourself, your associates, and the tasks set before you.