About Scholium


Frank v. d. Stok v. Altenæ, (’52) principal at the Scholium Bureau, grew up in ‘t Gooi, the Netherlands, and lived for more than 30 years in the States; employed first in the investment industry (i.a. Lehman Brothers, Kuhn & Loeb in their ‘better’ days) and later taking degrees in History (Vassar) and Counseling and Consulting Psychology (Harvard).


Since being well versed in history and consulting, in the early 90’s he worked on an effective method of epistemic analysis. In his off-time enjoys working on many forms of applied architecture. From the sidelines follows his two children, who are fascinated by their careers, with great delight. He is an international member of the APA. (American Psychological Association).

A niche

The Scholium bureau fills a niche in the consulting world through focus on leadership, its effect on organizational culture, public perception and the bottom-line.

Our work pertains to high-end personal counsel, conflict resolution and/or sparring advice – producing astute individually tuned solutions for committed projects.


Our work deepens objectives, restructures commitment and professional mandates are revisited. After personal evaluation, the consequence of this track is immediate and unambiguous.


Per topic or project

According to your expectations, we work either per topic or on a particular project via sessions at your office of choice or ours either Amsterdam or Boston.

Depth & confidentiality

We work strictly one-on-one, so the exclusive character of our conferences and their confidentiality are assured.