Wherever leadership crystallizes, we are there.

A captivating coherent narrative shapes public perception, invigorates stakeholders and end-users.


So accomplished leaders encourage and utilize Scholium for feedback, redirecting conflict, advancing new directions or to reflect on process and progress; we restructure initiative, collaboration, psyche and vital communication.


When pressure mounts or blockages accumulate, your position demands swift and concrete advice on dynamics and performance. 


Scholium delivers practical, explicitly distinctive mental insight. We imagine, we change, we drive mindsets to new levels of operation; it inspires you, ignites new conversations about leadership and the alternative you can present.


How do minds work optimally?
How are we to understand peers,
committee members or those on the board…;
and how is our work-out in self-reflection?


Our session’s results are tangible and take immediate effect.
It is worthwhile and lasting.
A constructive investment in yourself, the company and the company you keep


Great Results, Exceptional, Forthright

“. . . . in the United States educated analyst who… directs his work to top-level management… an exceptional good observer . . . has a good nose for energy leaks and wastes (while) …his confrontations are mild and emphatic, without judgment… balance and restfulness results… a true catalyst he does not participate in the process but speeds it up and deepens it.”

Ir. Pieter Kuipers
Director, Philips International R&D and Philips Japan

Specially Experienced, Sympathetic, Integrity

“Frank’s approach far surpasses the general management-coaching style…. He works with integrity and original perspective on depth and development”.

Francine van Dierendonck
CEO at Xenos.