Effective leadership as acquired habit.

At Scholium we know where you stand, as each perspective shows its color. Strategies advance not by skill, expertise nor fast resources of experience only, but by the perspectives which contain us; this is where your basic operational instinct derives its raison-d’etre.


Scholium provides strictly confidential one-on-one supervision for excellence in leadership. We work perspectives, advance new strategies, and explore unknown initiatives:  we deliver results.


Insightful, Daring, Unique

“The meetings were insightful, poetic, well-crafted and thought-provoking… He did not appease nor shy from direct and powerful observations, while always kind, cheerful, focused and attentive… reliable and always appreciative. This was unique. “
Philip Bowman
Senior Software Engineer, Portland, Oregon.

Empathic, Transparent, Results

These “… consultations delivered a better view on the dynamics in relationships and my role in them”. The conclusions so fostered happen “without confrontation, without discussion regarding content but with much empathy and crystal-clear analysis. It is a beautiful process that delivers outstanding results: after the consultations, the conclusions seem so self-evident that obstacles can be tackled with ease”.
Bert van der Poel
Director Uitvoering Stadstoezicht, Amsterdam.