What are the objectives?
What is the strategy?
What is the narrative?

Just wanting to win is not enough. Start at the other end. What is the ultimate personal objective, what will be your legacy?

Work back from this objective and shape the present into an image consciously constructed.

Regardless of where the winds come from, your steady hand on the tiller is the leverage which directs each challenge to your advantage.

Fast, Unique, Priceless

“Clients and I are always surprised by his super-fast analytic capacity; particularly through the nonconforming manner by which he reaches the blockage, which lies at a deeper level than where a coach works. His metaphors, reversals, confrontations or mirroring offer, every time and again, the client handles to resolve obstacles through which they come closer to desired targets. That works excellent! I wish that more coaches would seek his cooperation, benefiting both their clients and themselves, such is of priceless value”

Drs. Joy Uppelschoten-Vis
Great Results, High Integrity, Experienced

“ … uncannily successful… He definitely thinks outside, inside and infinitely around the box… surprised by his quick and surprising concepts and outlook …I very highly recommend him.”

Hope Haviland
Director, Adagio, Norwich, Vt.